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March 20, 2023 - Recent examples of our work

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Meet  Author Lisa Jackson

Meet featured author... Lisa Jackson

We work with many fabulous authors of all genres of fiction and non-fiction on web design, online marketing and more.

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  • I really appreciate how responsive and creative you guys are with the services you offer.

    Julie Anne Long, Author
  • You're tops with me and long may you reign!

    Francine Craft, Author
  • I just wanted to let you know that WOW! I've gotten a gazillion hits on my website from the romance communities just since yesterday! With several outclicks to my amazon page! It hasn't even been 24 hours yet! Thank you so much!!

    Cindy Miles, Author
  • With the advent of Author Web Designs By Tara, my web traffic has skyrocketed to an average of 1,143/day! Thanks, Tara!

    Lori Avocato, Author
  • Going with Tara Green is one of the best decisions I ever made!

    Shirley Tallman, Author
  • You're efficiency personified.

    Jennifer Blake, Author
  • Neither of us had been sure that a contemporary romance w/o action or suspense could translate well [in a book video]. But you honestly did the impossible.

    Barbara Bretton, Author
  • I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (on the redesign of her website)

    Lisa Jackson, Author

Special Projects

There is nothing we love more than a creative challenge. Do you have an idea? We can make it reality. Our creative team has the design, programming and technical skills to bring it to life for your website. Find out more and see examples in our portfolio.

  • Web Design & Hosting

    Author Web Designs By Tara has over 10 years experience working closely with authors to create their own brand for their website. Our websites are always easy to navigate, sophisticated and asthetically pleasing to the eye. You'll never get lost on one of our websites.

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  • Lisa Jackson (and her team) say "Thanks, Tara!!! Great job...looks fabulous "

    Lisa Jackson Redesign
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  • Newsletter Design

    Let us take care of all aspects of your e-newsletters. We offer a powerful Email Manager that will collect all emails and making addresses that come through your web forms. Browse our newsletters.

  • Website Design

    Kathleen Givens
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