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Tara GreenTara Green, our creative director, is a pioneer of author website design. She's been working with authors since 1999 to help develop their web presences online. Our services include web design, database development, members-only areas, character galleries, virtual worlds, blog design, Facebook customization, email management, content managers, banners, book videos, flash, ecommerce integration and more. We look forward to hearing how we can best serve your needs.


Here is some timely information you should know.


This is just a quick note to remind you that our schedule will be opening for new project review beginning immediately. We encourage you to submit your requests for Fall/Winter 2016 web design projects. We anticipate a waiting list and only take on a few projects at a time. We’ll follow up on every single request we receive. Be sure to submit your completed Request Quote form as soon as possible. The sooner you get it in, the higher you are on the list.

We are a one-stop idea center.

Author Web Designs By Tara is the one-stop idea center for designing, hosting and maintaining your author website. We design author web sites for all genres of authors. Our experience includes creating unique and stunning web designs & graphics, dynamic content such as Cold Fusion and Database driven websites, and more. Let your imagination run wild and let us bring your ideas to life.


We think outside of the box.


By customizing each website and web project to suit the client's needs, Author Web Designs By Tara is the ultimate service provider for author web site services and management. There is no project we can't handle and we have endless ideas for your website project. You can be very hands on or you can let us take the drivers seat to deliver a product you'll be pleased with. At any time, don't be afraid to ask us anything regarding our services.


Stunning, elegant designs are what we deliver.


We always strive for maximum visual impact with our designs while still presenting an easily navigatable website with all usability issues addressed to reach the most web visitors.


Learn more about Creative Director, Tara Green.

Web design and development is Tara Green's great passion. She is an Allaire-trained Cold Fusion and SQL programmer with over 14 years experience in technology and programming. Having worked closely with many authors, she is able to bring an author's website vision to life. Our focus at Author Web Designs By Tara is on usability and database driven web sites as well as aesthetically pleasing and original designs. Tara Green's work has been featured in Yahoo! Internet Life! magazine and Maxim Online Guide to the Web. Fusing her professional web development skills with her love for novels. Tara works with some of the top best selling authors in the industry. She also runs over 20 online & fiction communities dedicated to authors, books, and reviews and has friends all over the world who share her interest in reading and writing romance. You can find out more at Eye On Romance (, and her other communities by visiting here.


Tara Green also owns and manages A Girl and her Cats<, a marketing company to assist other authors with their online marketing needs (on hiatus at the moment - too busy with other projects!). Tara also owns many online fiction communities.